Monday, March 29, 2010

Yakkity Yak!

Piper, Mom, and I went idea-hunting for Piper’s birthday party today.  We got some good ideas; we’re going to have so much fun.  I can hardly wait!

Piper, who was exhausted, cried the whole way home.

Not really cried, but talked. 

The best part?  She started actually saying consonants.  She’s said a few m’s, and maybe a couple b’s, but I can count those on one hand.

Until today.

In the 1/2 hour drive home, she said m’s, n’s, b’s, l’s, g’s, and y’s. 

I was so happy.  We’ve been anxiously waiting for her to start talking.  And she started with a bang!

She had to show off for her dad tonight, too.  She ate her dinner beautifully (which is also getting remarkably better), and finished right when Luke was getting home from work.  This is the happiness that ensued soon thereafter.  She had to show Daddy all her new tricks!

Piper cried the whole way home.

And I couldn’t be happier!

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