Sunday, March 14, 2010

Tiny Toes

Piper sometimes surprises us with her tininess.  I often wonder if I’m exaggerating how small she actually is.  Recently, I’ve been wondering if she’s close to outgrowing her size 0 tennies.

Size zeroes are for feet a little over 4” long.  Here’s Piper.


That’s right, folks- a whopping 3.25”.  When she’s standing.  That explains why the adorable size ones we have look gargantuan on the bottom of her scrawny little legs.  In fact, we have  a pair of Mary Janes- her toes go to the opening; no further. 

I wore size ones at 1, twos at 2, and so forth for many  years.  I remember crying over the fact that, in second grade, my shoes still had square toes (yup- toddler shoes), while all the other girls had pointy toes.

Looks like Piper’s well on her way to the same dactyl deficit. 

**on another note- these adorable little toes have some funny red spots on them today…  Hopefully it’s nothing, but it can be a sign of some pretty nasty things.  We’ll call the doctor tomorrow (I knew our three month hiatus was too good to be true)- pray  it’s nothing!**


  1. Are the red spots Petechiae, I just wrote about Emily having them on my blog Her blood work came back normal though and I will be praying that Piper is OK too, I wonder if these are more common in children with DS??? Anyway, Emily's feet are teeny tiny too, She can still wear 0-3 month shoes and she's almost 10 months old now! I love how tiny and cute they are but at the same time, I really want to put cute little shoes on her feet without them falling right off!

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