Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Snow Baby

So you remember what our Sunday looked like.

Yesterday Piper and I got some errands ran.  We left the house and the sky was blue.  Not horribly warm, but warm enough.  We got to Target, and by the time we were leaving, it was sleeting.  About a mile down the street, the weather was nice again.  We went to Babies R Us (which was an abysmal disappointment, once again) and left to pouring rain.  I had to get to Costco (to get the stuff I completely forgot on SUNDAY), so I had no choice but to brave the insane wetness with Piper.  I was hoping that it wouldn’t be as bad by the time we were done there.  It is Colorado, after all, and persistent rain storms are relatively rare. 

Ha.  Nice thought.

We finally got home, after feeling like I was hydroplaning the whole way (another sensation we don’t get a lot of here).  By the time I let the dogs outside, they were white with snow. 

Within about 3 hours, we had at least 9 inches or so.  Seriously.  A lot of snow.  And it was horribly wet.  Luke had to go out and shake off our little stick-of-a-tree in the front yard to keep the branches from breaking. 

It calmed down late last night, and was just lightly falling through this morning.  All the schools were cancelled today, so snowmen abound in the neighborhood. 

It’s wonderfully brilliant now.  Not a cloud in the sky, and really warm.  So we decided to take a trip outside and let Piper really play in the snow, for the first time.

She analyzed the melty characteristics of the snow very closely.  That only lasted about 2.4 seconds, however, until her hands got a little cold.  Then she was ticked off


I wanted to let her actually sit in the snow without the Bumbo for just a few minutes (I didn’t want it to soak through her little not-water-proof snowsuit).  She did not.


After this, she proceeded to tell me off for a good 15 minutes as she not so politely explained to me why babies aren’t supposed to be put into the snow. 


  1. Oh, NO! Poor Sweet P! Her little face turns inside out just like Pudge's!!

    If it's any consolation, Pieperpoo, you look FABULOUS in your "don'tputmeinthesnowsuit".

  2. Love it - I made my Piper make a snow angel when she was little. She basically thought I was the meanest mommy ever to push her down in the snow!

  3. That is one sad baby! We didn't get nearly the snow that Denver had. Ours was gone within an hour or so...