Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Lessons from Nana, by Piper

Today, my Nana took me to the mall while Mom finished her stuff at work.

Nana likes to teach me new things.  Today, she gave me my very first driving lesson.  I’m not sure why Mom has never let me ride like this-  this is how a girl should travel!


Nana said it worked out really well, because she could just push me and she didn’t have to hold on to the stroller. 

I agreed.  Plus, I was very impressed with my driving skills.  Maybe next Nana’ll let me have a go with her minivan?  I know Mom and Dad won’t let me, but Nana might. 

Maybe if I ask really nicely and do a pattycake for her?  I do have her wrapped around my little finger, donchya know.  It would only get better if I could figure out how to blow kisses.  Maybe that’s how I’ll get the car keys…  Watch out, Grandpa!

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  1. Leave it to the grandparents (or the daddy in our house)!