Saturday, March 13, 2010

Going GREEN!

Every year, our family gets together for Saint Patty’s dinner.  We claim to be part Irish (although that’s not saying much—we claim to be part everything). These dinners are about as authentically Irish as we are.  Really what it is is an excuse to eat anything and everything green.

In order for it to be at the table, it has to be a part of the color theme.  The corned beef is allowed to be red (alleluia), but green milk, green beer, and green jello salads have all been regular attenders at our annual festivities.

Justin and Rachel bought Piper this cute little dress last year.  I promised Piper that I would let it slip that it’s a newborn sized onesie…  Oops.  It sure was cute, though!

Piper got to chew on a green bell pepper to get her eating game face on.  She actually liked it!


Rachel and Piper, apparently, coordinated with each other- who’d have thunk that pink and green would be so cute together?  And they happen to be the only blond-haired, blue-eyed folks in the group!


Justin and Piper told jokes to each other.  I heard whispers of Justin stealing our baby food maker to make sardines for Piper (insert gagging GAGGING face here).  That resulted in a swift smack to the head (if only figuratively).  And we’ll be watching the Beaba very carefully when Justin comes to visit.  Much to my dismay, Piper thought it was funny.


I think I’ve said before that I blame Piper’s dislike for peas and beans (some of the only green veggies she’s gotten in baby food form) on my father’s disdain for anything green.  Needless to say, our all-green themed dinner…  well, Dad focuses on the corned beef and potatoes, I do believe.

He showed his overwhelming support for the holiday by following the strict dress code.  

He was the only one not wearing a green shirt. 

Way to be original, Dad.



  1. i love seeing her "eat" stuff! how great!

  2. i can't believe ur dad refuses to participate in the festivities. I totally understand not eating certain foods but how hard is it to wear a green shirt?!