Sunday, March 21, 2010

Celebratory Swing

Guess what we found today?

That’s right!  After much heartache, we have finally found a local park with BABY SWINGS!  So, Piper celebrated her very first World Down Syndrome Day (3/21—so punny!) with church (where she was, pound-for-pound, the most enthusiastic singer, dancer, and clapper of everyone there), a trip to Costco (don’t scoff), and some quality time at the park under the crystal clear skies, warm weather, and melting snow.








It was a little breezy, which she hates, but was willing to put up with it for the swings.  I think she really liked that part!  She did the slide with Dad, too.  She tasted the grass, which she learned she did not like, and watched some bid kids on the swings.  All that work really tuckered her out, and she fell promptly asleep in her car seat on the way home. 

…and much to my delight, she’s still sleeping.


  1. Seems so funny to see you in short sleeves at the park with the snow still on the ground! We got 6 inches last night!

  2. i never would've gotten the world ds day pun if u hadn't have pointed it out. wow. that's funny

  3. I don't remember how I found your blog, but I was happy to see you are in CO. Can't wait to read more about Piper. She is beautiful!