Sunday, March 28, 2010

Creeping Crawler

Piper doesn’t bend so well, remember?

Crawling is progressively getting better, but we still have some work to do.  She’s willing to stand on all fours, and it’s less of a battle to get there these days.  It no longer (not always, anyway) requires using the force of the chest of a full-grown adult to get her to bend in half.  It does help, though, to hold back her hips to keep them from going straight.  Sometimes I hold her back by the shoulders.  And pray that Social Services isn’t looking through the windows.


So I’ve kind of given up getting her bottom half in motion, thinking that if we can get her top half moving (remember this is where her lower tone is), maybe her legs will follow.

So my 11 pound baby loves to wheelbarrow.  My 11 pound baby, who has poor upper body strength, wheelbarrows to get toys.  Or the dogs.  Or her father.  Last time I checked, wheelbarrowing takes a lot of muscles.  At least that’s what I remember from grade school gym. 



(notice the perfectly straight knees…)

So, we’ve learned that Piper may not do things the easiest way.  She’ll do them her way, and that’s fine.

She’s certainly not shy to tell you how proud of herself she is, though!



  1. Wonderful! Always adjusting to help them out! Aubrey still doesn't bend or crawl at all, so I'm gonna try the wheelbarrow approach. Thanks.

  2. That is hysterical. Max has strong arms, I think I'm gonna try this.

  3. We are dealing with some of the same issues. We took some photos of me working with her and I will be posting about that soon. I get in the weirdest positions working with Olivia. (remember she is 20 pounds of solid muscle to get into a crawling position! I am getting to be solid muscle myself with all the exercise she gives me!)

  4. I guess thats one way of getting things done! She does look awfully proud of herself. :)