Tuesday, March 23, 2010

She’s got the beat

Ever since Piper was tiny (as in not-able-to-hold-her-head-up kind of small), she’s been able to pulse her hands to the beat, usually at church (I always kind of figured that the live version was much more obvious).  I always wondered if it was coincidence, but she just kept getting better at it. 

And now that she’s learned to clap…  well…  Let’s just say that she tends to be the entertainment for the folks sitting around us on Sunday mornings.  I don’t put her in the nursery yet so she gets to practice those rhythm skills frequently.  She loves music time!


This weekend, I let her stand up on the chairs in front of us.  She kind of leaned against the backs; I just kept my hands at her sides to keep her from falling. 

She danced.

And clapped.

And danced some more.

I can’t believe that she has rhythm, because heaven knows, I sure don’t, and I don’t know what it’s like to have it.  Certainly a trait she got from her dad (did you know he played clarinet in the Marines???  That must mean something…). 

She’s definitely a music-bug.  She loves anything that makes music when you bang it (including celery sticks hitting her tray) and listening to the Veggie-Tale/Disney/miscellaneous-not-so-annoying-kids’-songs channel on Pandora.

More than anything, though, she L-O-V-E-S playing on our piano.  Especially now that she can sit there by herself.  It’s a little hard for her to get the right angle to push the keys all the way to get noise, so we use the Bumbo as a booster seat.




I’m sure that Luke can’t wait until she’s old enough to get music lessons.  Although I do believe that would require her being taller than the instrument, which would be easier if she takes up the clarinet as opposed to the saxophone. 

I think that we’re going to try and get into a Kindermusik kind of class here in the near future, because I really think she’d have a kick.  And now that flu/RSV season is coming to a close, I can turn off some of my paranoia. 

However, if the current size of her fingers are any indication, it may be a long time before she’s able to pick up an instrument.  Finger extenders, anyone???

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  1. And so "The Pip-ster and the Raging Sunshine Band" begins!