Saturday, March 20, 2010

Petechiae have no idea…

…what the spots are, or why she has them.  And neither do the doctors.  I realized that I never posted anything more on them, so here goes.  We went back to Children’s on Thursday; they are still there, but they are starting to fade.  She definitely has actual petechiae in a few spots on her arms and legs (although I think they’re just about completely gone), but they’re less concerned with those than they are with the big bruise-ish spots on the bottom of one of her feet.  Our discharge notes officially stated that “other indications such as leukemia seem unlikely”, so we’ll take it.

Her CBC on Monday showed that she may be fighting a little virus or something, so hopefully it’s just a side effect of that.  And on that note, if this is my child fighting an infection, I think we’ll live.  She has yet to actually get sick (if we chalk her stomach junk up to the gallbladder), not even so much as a cold (a few slightly stuffy noses…), which, I guess, is relatively uncommon amongst kids with Ds.  And maybe that’s why- maybe she has gotten a couple bugs, but she’s been able to fight it without us ever having known about it. 

This is what Piper felt about her trips to the doctor this week. 

Although, I still think she did it on purpose because she was having withdrawal. 


  1. Glad for the good news from the doctor. Keep an eye on that sweety though!

  2. Sounds so familiar. Emily's first petichiae appeared after a mild cold, now she has another virus and they are worse than they have ever been!