Thursday, March 11, 2010

Who Knew?

I’ve been saying that Piper has been full of surprises lately.

Today was no exception.

Who knew that my relatively picky daughter could like love celery?!?!  Not that I dislike it, but I am quite surprised that she enjoyed it so much.

Becky said to give her things that she can manipulate and get to the back of her mouth so she can practice chewing, without having to worry about her chewing something off.  Once again, we’re a little stuck on getting things that are size-appropriate for her.  The solution was to split pieces of celery long-ways and then give her a short piece to play with.

To be honest, I wasn’t sure she’d be too interested.

Boy, was I wrong.

I was cooking some yams for her (another first for the day- they were also a HUGE hit), so I had her on the countertop in her Bumbo and gave her a stick to play with.  She sat and chomped for a good 20 minutes, at least.  The celery was mauled at the ends (both of them); if it weren’t for the strings, she would have had pieces off.

She played drums with it, threw it on the table, picked it up, licked it, chewed it, and offered the god-awful mess to me (thanks, dear child). 




She seems to really enjoy the taste, not just novelty, of the celery, too. 

I cannot, under any circumstance, however, condone the making of celery into baby food. 

My food issues fully preclude me from participating in such horrifying actions.

Celery sticks it is.


  1. Just found your blog from "Class of 2008" blog. Your daughter is adorable, awesome that she digs celery sticks (she can have my share!). My daughter Emily is 9 months old and eating decent, but I might try the celery to see what happens :-)

  2. Ahh so cute. Piper and her celery sticks:)

  3. So glad that the food/eating is going well. Have you done cheerios or anything like that? We started with that and puffs but then used "Veggie Straws" which are basically puffs, but they are sticks (just like the celery) and Aubrey would mash them up and "eat" them. I can find them at our local "Sprouts" or now I can find them in a giant bag at Costco in the chip aisle.

    I have to ask again about the bunny shoes. They are so cute and the "hop" "hop" that you can see when she is in her bumbo is soooooo cute. Where ever did you buy them? Looking for a good idea for Easter Baskets:)

  4. Thanks for the guilt as I sit here with a chocolate bar, Piep. I think we'd both move closer to our personal goals if we swapped snacks. xoxox

  5. It doesn't look near as messy as those biter biscuits - maybe we should give it a try!