Monday, March 15, 2010


Saturday, it was 60 degrees, sunny, and gorgeous.

Piper asked very nicely if she could go for a ride in her wagon. 

We decided it was high time we take her to the preschool playground up the street.  I was hoping that they had toddler swings there.  I was pretty bummed that they didn’t; we’ll have to go on a hunt around the area to find some.  There’s probably a dozen or more parks within walking distance from our house (one of the only benefits of living in an HOA community), so surely there are some somewhere.

But, since there were no swings, we decided to try out the slides.

They had the little jungle-gym-cube-slide-thingies at the playground; it was just right for Piper to give it a whirl.  She was not too sure about it, but still sat nicely on top for the photo opp.  Unfortunately, it was so bright out that my camera had a hard time…


She was very proud of herself for her bravery on top of the big, scary thing. 


I’m so sad that the pictures didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped; we’ll definitely need a repeat session soon. 

Not today.

It was bright and sunny and warm on Saturday.

Sunday and Monday it snowed.

Good ol’ Colorado…


  1. she's so cute with her hat. in the second picture it looks like she's clapping for herself for doing such a good job

  2. So very cute! We love the park too Piper. Do you have photoshop on your computer? There is a way to adjust the brightness of photos and it might make it nicer for you. I like the look of the bright sun. It is like warmth coming through the screen:)