Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fashion FAIL

I’m a bargain hunter.  Truly.  I’m cheap.  I admit it.  The clearance rack at Gymboree is my current favorite (for those of you who haven’t looked- O.M.G).  So, last year at the end of season, I did my shopping for this summer. 

I, admittedly, got a lot of “those looks” while I purchased my 3-6 month wardrobe for my child who was already four months old.  I’m sure all the clerks thought I was crazy, and had the “oh that dumb first time mom- does she not realize that babies GROW???” chant going through their minds. 

Little did they know. 

I almost gave in several times, seriously contemplating going up a size.  For some reason, though, I knew I didn’t want to go any larger.  And it was a good thing.

The weather’s been  nice here.  Short-sleeved nice.  I don’t have but a couple short-sleeved, non-undershirt 3 month shirts, and all that I do have she already wore this week (and were, for the record, bought for her to wear last summer). 

So, while trying to get her ready this morning, I, like the mother of any growing baby, looked in the closet to see about breaking out some of her oh-so-cute summer clothes that I can’t wait for her to wear.

<<wah wah waaaah>> 

This is a 3-6 month dress and an attempt at Easter pictures…  Looks like an ill-fitting hospital gown, if you ask me…

Shirts look like dresses, and the necks are almost as wide as her shoulders.

So, it’s mid-March.  We have about a month and a half before short-sleeved shirts will become a daily necessity. 

Surely, surely, by then her shorts will stay up on her tush, and her shirts will look less dress-like. 

Believe me.  I’m almost tempted to invest in washable diapers for the sole purpose of the added padding in the rear.  Doesn’t do much, though, for superfluous length.

I’m now on the lookout for (cheap, of course) 3 month, non-onesie (she’s going to be too long for them soon) short sleeved shirts.

I did not see that one coming.  If I had, I could have bought them on clearance.  Darn.


  1. I can never outguess what size is going to fit next season. I bought a summer outfit for Max a month or so ago and tried it on for size - it just fit, meaning it would be too small come summer. But he immediately puked all over it so I can't return it!
    I, too, LOVE the clearance rack at Gymboree :)

  2. ...Plus, then you can look on ebay and find matching Gymboree pieces!

  3. Hi Aimee! I'm so happy that Piper's Nana commented on my blog because I'm happy to now have found yours! Piper is so cute!!! I think her and Colin are right around the same age...I look forward to following your family! :)

  4. We had a rotten time finding Tshirts in anything under a size 6 month last year. I was desperately looking for them because G-tubes and onesies were proving most inconvenient. :0(

    We ended up begging members of our family with the capacity to sew to cut the bottom of onesies off and hem them into T's.

    I LOVE the miffed expression on Pieper's face. "Mom, I TOLD you it was gonna be too big." So super cute. Sweetest l'il egg in the basket.

  5. Aimee,
    Let me know if you want me to go through some of our clothes for you. We have soooo many girl clothes! I'd be happy to let you use some. :)