Who We Are

My husband, Luke, and I live outside of Denver with our three munchkins.  We've been married for 13 years (boy oh BOY is that weird...)  We've survived his enlistment in the Marine Corps, deployment to the Middle East, being poor college students, moving back to Denver...  Just when we thought we had everything figured out, we were blessed with our miracle baby, Piper Rae.  Piper was born at 32 weeks with a 0 APGAR, Down syndrome and duodenal atresia.  We had a prenatal diagnosis of the Down syndrome and the duodenal atresia, but the prematurity was a huge shock.  She's had us wrapped around her finger from day one.

Two years later, Piper got a baby sister, Adalynn.  The girls are best buddies.

And then, in March 2014, we were REALLY thrown for a loop with a little BOY.  Cody is as loved by his sisters as much as he idolizes them.