Wednesday, March 10, 2010

True Incentive to M-O-V-E

Miss Becky has a daughter a few months older than Piper, so many times our conversations turn toward dresses, shoes, and other necessities of The Baby Girl.

I was telling her about this little dress I got Piper- it’s one of those onesie-dress-one-piece suits, but it’s not regular onesie material, so I’m not too sure how it’s going to work out. 

Anyway, I left it on the floor after she left, and went into the other room to do something. 

I came out, and Piper had rolled over to the dress (passing up all of her favorite toys).  She was rolling on top of it, sucking on it, licking it, passing it through her fingers, rolling over with it…  I caught her in a sense of general merriment.  Apparently, she approves of the dress.


Surprise.  A pink frilly dress? 

Yup, sounds like something my girlie-girl would like.

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