Friday, March 12, 2010

Partners in (upcoming???) Crime

Is there anything more fun in this world than baby play dates???

P1030827…I think Piper’s found her very first boyfriend.  She loved Noah this time, even more so than usual.  This is her trying to hold his hand and him looking at her like she’s crazy.  


Although I can’t say I blame him—she started the conversation with a fashion lesson--she was very concerned about his lack of shoes, but he convinced her that his cute (and coordinating) socks were a suitable substitute.


Once she decided he passed muster, they entered into a deep and meaningful conversation of their woes, challenges, and horror stories of being a baby.  Apparently, life is rough for the both of them (as evidenced by Noah’s posh traveling arrangements). 

Since he’s 7 months her junior, maybe Piper’s passing on all (???) her earthly wisdom to her colleague in crime. 

Heaven help us. 

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  1. That's so cute, it almost looks like she is trying to get him out of the carseat! Piper is adorable!