Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Teaching her young…

Our house has been inundated.

Taken over.


With computers.  Especially when you consider the onslaught of pieces that reside in our basement.  Luke promises me that they’re all supposed to be put up on Ebay (apparently there’s an emotional attachment, or something), but there they lay.  But that’s another story.

I guess that’s what you get when you have a computer engineer for a husband.

You also get computer “games” for babies.  He installed this on our desktop this morning, and I had to put it on my laptop so that Piper could play it more easily. 

It’s called Babysmash (if you’re interested, you can download it free at  It disables the function of your keyboard so that babies can smack and pound to their heart’s content.  And they’re rewarded with babies laughing and bright shapes and letters on the screen. 

So after a particularly arduous therapy session this morning, Piper decided she needed some “desk” time.  Excuse the myriad of boxes in the background; I was attempting to find an appropriately tall “desk” for her…

She was very excited to get started.  She knew exactly what she was supposed to do!


P1040372Sometimes she was very astute and deliberate with her pounding.

P1040383Other times, she full-0n smashed. 

P1040373 However she did it, though, it sure was fun!

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  1. My DH isn't a fan of computer games, but this looks like a lot of fun!