Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring has UNsprung…

We had a simply MARVELOUS day yesterday.  Temperatures actually hit 70°.  We were in HEAVEN.  Crocuses and daffodils have finally reared their pretty little heads.  It was so nice.



Picture 627-1

Today, however, is another story.


It keeps snowing.  Hard.  This was first thing this morning.  Some reports say that it’ll snow through tomorrow, others saying that it’ll end tonight.  It certainly hasn’t let up yet.  I put Piper outside for all of about 15.5 seconds, came in, and we were both soaked (me more than her, of course) because of all the really wet snow coming down.  It was so nice yesterday that nothing’s sticking to the streets; hopefully it’ll stay that way. 

Piper?  Oh, Piper’s enjoying the day today.  Pajama day for her, and not doing anything for the first time in weeks

Even babies need a snow day here and there.  


  1. I saw on the news how warm it was in Denver and then saw how cold it would be today and thought of you guys:( Makes you appreciate the warm ones though...hand in will be here permanently before you know it. Your cold front will hit us tomorrow. 75 today, 45 with rain ALL day tomorrow.

  2. Oh my - what adorable pictures - ok, even the snow one :)

  3. What GREAT GREAT pictures!! I was just with my best friends last night who are visiting from Denver...they were explaining your crazy weather to me! Here in NJ it's hard to comprehend!

  4. Oh gosh. Piper is precious in the sun or the snow:)