Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ice Cream, You Scream!

Piper and I met friends at the mall today.  She had a whole lot of fun with Noah, who’s 3; they kept each other very well entertained!  We were able to find some 3 month, short sleeved, non-onesie shirts, which she has substantial room to grow in.  I was very excited!

We ended our day with Dairy Queen.  Oh, how I love Dairy Queen. 

Apparently Piper does, too.  All it took was one bite for her to be hooked.

Notice her licking her lips in anticipation.


And wondering WHY I had withheld the delightfully sweet and melty goodness from her for TEN whole months.


 Not so politely telling me to give her asking for more.

And gingerly removing the morsels of yumminess from her messy face.  And then proceeding to eat the napkin.


I’m starting to think that our ice cream budget is about to increase.  Oh. Darn.


  1. Piper is CERTAINLY her mother's child!

  2. Piper, tell mommy to get chocolate next time! Even better than the white stuff!

  3. that girl is so cute. i can't stand it!