Thursday, April 1, 2010

Multiple branches, one tree

Piper experienced her first pizzeria this week!

Well, kind of.  She got to experience the smell of pizza, and experienced watching other people eat it.

We weren’t there for the pizza, though.  We got to go with my grandparents, my mom, my grandpa’s sister, and her husband, daughter, and grandson.  Whew.  We certainly had the back of the restaurant flowing with hot air!  :)  I haven’t gotten to see this side of the family tree since Grandpa’s birthday back in December when Piper had her massive meltdown, so it was nice to chat for a while. 

Piper played musical laps very politely and talked to everyone.  She was really tired (not sure why), but no meltdowns this time!  (whew)

Only got a couple good pictures of Aunt Bettye and Grandpa, since they were sitting right across from me.  But they’re still pretty cute!


Bettye showing Piper the cool ball that Nana bought for her.


Piper trying fervently to get said ball.



…and Grandpa being almost as impressed with the ball as Piper is.  Definitely two peas in a pod.

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