Tuesday, April 20, 2010


…is the grand total of Piper’s new favorite toys.



That’s right.  Quality musical instruments for less than a buck.  Including tax.  Now that’s what I call aheckuva deal.

Amazingly, they fit properly in Piper’s very tiny fingers.  Almost as satisfying?  They aren’t the noise that makes you want to cry in annoyance- they’re actually fairly calm. 

But best of all?  They keep my kid occupied for long periods of time.  They’re glorious.

We did find out, however, that they are far from infallible.

They are not, NOT, appropriate toys for the car.  Apparently they work very well to distract my already testy daughter.  Unfortunately, if she shakes with too much gusto, it can lead to damage to the forehead, which exponentially raises the anger bar. 

While you’re driving and can do nothing about it. 

Poor kid.


  1. Our EI lady brings those everything month - Max loves them too :)

  2. She is truly adorable. We found you through our buddy LC. We look forward to following your journey.

  3. She sure does look happy with them! But I can see where forehead damage could be a problem....