Sunday, April 11, 2010

Piper’s first music lesson

Luke gave Piper her first woodwind lesson this afternoon.  He’s played his saxophone for her before, but it’s been a while, and it’s really loud, so I’m not really sure how much she enjoyed it.

The clarinet?  A whole other story.  He started playing and she was mesmerized.  She kept looking at his mouthpiece, the bell, and back to the mouthpiece trying to figure out why he was doing something to the top, but the bottom was where the sound was.P1040968

She particularly liked songs that were higher pitched and bouncy.P1040952

I’m sure that, if she were able, she would have given him a standing ovation.  Instead, he got a hardy round of applause. P1040969

Luke put the bell on her belly so that she could feel the vibration.  After that, she couldn’t keep her hands off.P1040962

Daddy let her hold it, too, and try pressing the keys.  She was more interested in the prettiness of them.P1040971

She even got to try blowing!P1040976

That made Luke think that she may have more luck trying to make a sound out of the flute instead.P1040995

It was wildly unsuccessful, but it didn’t keep her from feeling proud of herself.      P1040984

I do believe, however, that it would be most beneficial for her to be able to hold the horns first, before she learns to play.  And that would require her to be a tad taller. 

Just a tad.


  1. Stop all that cuteness Piper!! You are making my smile lines crease deaper into my face every time I look at your blog. LOVE LOVE LOVE the flower pot pics, and the new background to match.

  2. Aimee...I LOVE the new look to the's cuteness overload and I just LOVE it! I also love this post about music lessons! You can tell how much Piper loves the music! I think that's so great!