Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Festivities, cont.

After a long day Saturday, we were up bright and early on Sunday to get going again!


Piper got to have Easter breakfast at my parents, followed by service at the church I (and both my parents) grew up in.  She hasn’t been there yet, and I was really looking forward to see everyone and showing off Piper.  She wasn’t too sure of the pipe organ, but other than that, she did really well.  She even got hugs and kisses (literally) from friend Bailey, who’s about 15 months old.  We’ll be scheduling a play date soon, apparently, because it was truly love at first sight. 

We got back to Mom’s and changed into comfy clothes to start cooking dinner.  Although my participation in the “preparing” portion of the day was minimal (Mom somehow managed to get most of it done on Saturday…), it was fun just getting to be.  Piper played with Grandpa (who was diligently, albeit unsuccessfully, teaching Piper to say “Grandpa is best”) and managed to help out some in the kitchen.  She also investigated her fancy new footwear, ensuring they were up to her very high standards.  They were, by the way; we actually found size 0 hard-soled dress shoes.


Before dinner, Piper got to open her Easter baskets from both grandparents, aunt and uncle, and my parents.  Spoiled?  Nooooo…. 

Remember Nana teaching Piper to drive?  Apparently it was just step one in her evil plot.  Someone got Piper a car.  And they’ve been practicing (ie. playing) for a while so that Piper “knew what to do on Easter”.  I just think Nana couldn’t wait until Easter to see Piper play.  Whatever works.


P1040663…touching the floor is over-rated, but that’s another story.

We ended the day with a very festive Peeps cake. 


Peeps hold a very special place in the heart of my family my brother and husband.  Like wine, Peeps are better served well-aged.  Really.  I’m not joking.  We always “have” to buy a package or two after Easter; they’re usually appropriately aged by the next Easter.  Yummy, huh?  I, I assure you, have nothing to do with these annual festivities.  And these were fresh.  Promise.

Piper had such a fun weekend; we’re looking forward to next year when she’s old enough to play along  a little more.  Although next year may be filled with screaming at the Easter Bunny, uncooperativeness at the egg hunt, and orneriness during church. 

…this year was pretty perfect!


  1. She looks so big on her 'new' car!

  2. Thanks for using words like hug and kiss instead of maul and tackle to describe Bailey! We would love to get together for a playdate... When Bailey sees Piper's picture on the blog she does the "more" and "please" signs. We could even bring the Grandmas!

    Jill & Bailey :)