Saturday, April 24, 2010

ER- Round 2. Piper won this time. Hopefully.

Oh MAN are we exhausted.

Spent the rest of today BACK at the ER down at the main campus today- apparently there was some “funniness” around her epiglottis that showed up on her x-rays that they took last night.  They wanted to make sure that it wasn’t infected (which can be horrendously serious), so we were told to take her back immediately.  Joy.

I’ll save you all the details- it wasn’t really exciting.  At all.  But I thought some of you might benefit from knowing that, apparently, kids with Ds are at an increased risk for having a malformed epiglottis- it’s not serious, and they usually outgrow it as they get older, but it may explain why Piper had a difficult time with her intubation for her gallbladder surgery back in February.  And no, it wasn’t a mass, as the person told me it could have been on the phone earlier that morning that sent me into a panic…

Thanks Thanks Thanks to my parents for dealing with my bouts of unwarranted worry.  And THANKS, too, to all the notes from you guys today!  It really brightened up our day!

We also found out, thanks to our respiratory therapist cousin (thanks, Amber!), that the steroids they’re giving her for the swelling may be giving her insomnia.  THAT explains why she slept for a couple hours last night, but has yet to take any kind of decent nap today. 

Miraculously, she IS asleep, in her own bed, right now.  PLEASE be for the night!!!  I think she is really starting to feel better tonight. She gets one more dose of steroids tomorrow, and with each dose, she seems to get a lot better than she had been.  Hopefully a good night’s sleep will help even more!

Price 050

Although she had random bouts of happiness today, she was less than amenable to another day at the hospital.

She refused to be put down.  Period.  At all.  Not once.  Luke told her than cuddle time was fine, but that we REALLY didn’t need to get oober sick to do it next time.

Think she’ll listen???


  1. Sweet pictures. I'm so glad everything is getting better. Sorry you all had to go through that. Feel better soon baby girl!

  2. So sorry you had to go back. Hopefully you won't be visiting the ER again anytime soon!