Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Goin', Goin', Goin' (or tryin', tryin', tryin'?)

This afternoon, my Mom and I were working on some of the favors for Piper’s party. I took apart a few of the pieces to make them easier to make, and Piper thought that my extra pieces looked like GREAT fun.

Last week during PT, Amy said that she might, just might, be crawling by her birthday, based on her improvement from last month and what she’s doing now. So, we have orders to do the stairs as much as she’ll tolerate (which she pretty much loves to do, even though it’s tough), to do squats in reps of 10 (I’m pretty sure I know some adults who couldn’t do 10 full squats), and play in squat as much as she’ll allow. Unfortunately, since she’s gotten sick, we’ve lost a few days of work.

But, you should see the level of excitement in her face when she really wants to GO. She knows that she should be able to move. And sometimes it looks like she thinks she’s actually moving. She stretches with every ounce of her being trying to reach the silly springs- including her lips!

Crawl, baby, crawl!!!