Sunday, April 25, 2010

Piper does not LIKE steroids, thank you.

24 hours free from the hospital!  Woohoo!  Hopefully we can just give a quick call to the pediatrician tomorrow, and we’ll be home free!  What. a. weekend.

She actually (!!!) slept well last night.  I almost cried tears of joy this morning when she finally woke up.  And then ate, and went BACK to sleep… 

She got her last dose of steroids this afternoon.  We waited to give it to her until AFTER a second nap (which she DESPERATELY needed) because we assumed she’d still get a decent dose of insomnia after taking it.

THAT was true.  And you know what else is true?  A third dose of steroids makes my child VERY grumpy.  Insatiable.  Uncomfortable.  S-A-D.

We had a good three hours of hostility.  Okay, not really “hostile”, but Piper was not herself.  Period.

It finally started to wear off (which means that it also finally started to work) after a few hours, and she was willing to sit down and eat her dinner.  She acted like she was starving.  I’m not sure if it was the drugs, or just an after effect from not eating as much yesterday as she usually does.  Whatever it was, she was a lot happier when she was done, and was back to her old self.  Whew.  She still has a stridor, and it’s fairly consistent, which worries me some, but it isn’t as severe has it had been the last couple days.  Still no cough, which is really odd; her only symptom the whole time has been breathing issues. 

Luke, being the good daddy he is, was pulling out all the stops to try and make her feel better today.

If you had asked me 5 years ago if I could see him playing with a tutu…..

P1050144 Tutus, cow pajamas, doggies, and Daddy- what more could a little girl ask for? (except for, of course, easy breathing…)


  1. Love the tutu! Glad she is getting better and she is done with steroids. They are a bummer but help so much.
    Hope this week brings easy breathing and great sleeping!

  2. Hope all is well today. We keep you all in our prayers. Steroids can most definitely make a person grumpy, hyper and hungry. Hope Piper doesn't need them again!

  3. Ugh, steroids stink! I'm glad to hear she's feeling better, and I love the tutu.