Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I’m horrified. HORRIFIED.

There are few things in this life that I simply CANNOT stand.  Tags in shirts, itchy sweaters, that little bump caused by the seam on the toe of your sock…

Most things, though, are food related.  Luke is NOT allowed (literally- I considered forcing a prenup on the subject, but he assured me he would obey) to come near me after he has eaten any fish or pickles.  Seriously.  It was one of the sacrifices he made.  Which means a lot, because he loves both.

We ate a very fancy meal of sandwiches last night for dinner (envious, aren’t you???).  I sat down to THIS.


That’s right, folks- THAT is a pickle.  In my daughter’s hand.  A PICKLE.

I’d pretend that the pursed lips is an indication of her dislike.  However, I’d be lying, and Luke would call me on it.  Truth be told, she held, squeezed, licked…  She even bit down as hard as she could to get the <<<shiver>>> pickle juice out. 

I’d also like to say that this is Piper scolding her father.  Unfortunately, I’m sure that wasn’t the case.  I am so, SO sad.

((notice, however, her pointed finger in this picture- we’ve been working on saying “one” with her fingers for her birthday.  We were trying last night to get her to “say” it, but I didn’t realize we got a picture!))


  1. Oh, PiperPickleMunch, you are the cutest thing. LC likes pickles, too. But makes the absolute WORST face when something cold goes into her ice cream. What the...

  2. This is Joyce. Too funny!!! I have the same clause only mine is fish and banana.

  3. You should have mentioned that your nickname was "Little Pickle"

  4. Haha, reading these always makes me smile. :) This one especially!

  5. Ewww, I really don't like pickles...fortunately my husband doesn't like them either! We don't even own a jar of pickles..than goodness!

  6. Oh she would fit in well with our pickle loving bunch here...So cute. Love the pointer finger pic! YIPPEE for Piper.

  7. Pickles... ummm, yup. Grapefruit too... hopefully that won't gross you out too, lol!

  8. Pickles are wonderful! But for some reason I rarely eat them...I think Claire has the same outfit that Piper is wearing. But her's was preemie, so it's packed up.