Thursday, April 29, 2010

Little Drummer Girl

Check out Piper’s new found drumming abilities!

She started out watching Nana hit it with her hands.  Now THAT was entertaining.  How does she do that???  And it felt funny, too! 

They then graduated to the actual hammer.  The faster Mom drummed, the bigger Piper’s eyes got.  And the less she blinked.P1050192 

Piper couldn’t handle it any more- she HAD to drum for herself!  And what better to drum with than her maracas?P1050178

She surprised us by keeping a very even beat.  And she thought her music was bea-uuuu-ti-ful!

She’s getting to the stage now where she wants whatever you have.  Kind of like the dogs- the other dog’s bone is obviously better.  So she asked Nana if she could have the BIG stick!P1050186

I’m glad she enjoys making music.  And I don’t think she could possibly be any cuter doing so.  However, I hafta say…

…I’m not thrilled with drums as her instrument of choice.  How ‘bout something more mellow?  PLEASE???


  1. She couldn't be cuter! Alayna LOVES the drums too.

  2. We agree that the drums are very cool and a close second, but Aubrey's choice is always the Kazoo first. Every try one of those Piper? Talk to your mom...or nana:)

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  4. Thanks for the veggie straw tip - Max loves them too!