Tuesday, November 24, 2009

We'll file this under "therapeutic exercises"

Mom and I took Piper to the mall the other day.  I kind of figure that we may not get out a whole lot until after the holidays; not only do I not want to deal with all the people this year (I'm so not in the mood), but I'm starting to get nervous about taking Piper out with all the germs. 

Piper had a BLAST.  She was so interested in everything.  There was a kitchen renovation kiosk-- Piper sat in the sink (and decided that if we were good parents, we would put in a sink that sits above the counter, because it's just her size).  There were fuzzy things, and furry things, and silky things-- Piper told us (quite loudly, actually) how she really felt about each of them.  There were lights on the ceilings to look at, Christmas trees to touch, and poinsettia plants to sit with. 

The best part of the whole day, though, was this.  It's this silly laughing, rolling dog.  The game store had it out by their front door on a pedestal.  And lucky for us, that pedestal was just big enough for Piper to sit in.  She wasn't too sure of it at first, but started screaming with laughter after a minute, which she's never done before.  The act is so new that she's still not too sure of herself and looks like she's about to start crying in the pictures, but I assure you, no baby was hurt or mistreated (although I will admit to her being laughed at... ahem...  I mean with) during the photo shoot. 


I keep trying to convince Luke that shopping trips can be educational.  And now we'll add "therapeutic".  I'm doing it to expand Piper's horizons.  To let her explore her world.  Allowing her to experience things she wouldn't otherwise be able to do from our home.  And those are all good things, right??? 

Poor Luke.

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