Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Sign of the Times

So guess what Piper did this weekend???  SHE SIGNED MOMMY!!!  We were sooo proud!  We've been working with her a little, and just showing her a few useful signs for a few months now.  And Sunday, she decided to do it for herself!  Wahoo!  She was still a little sad from her shots on Friday, and was being a grump for Luke.  He said that she did the sign, so he turned her around to see me.  Then she stopped crying!  Now she's doing it quite a bit, and is really close to doing daddy, too, but it's a little harder for her because she has to reach her forehead.  We're so proud!

AND, on top of that, she's started to transfer things from one hand to the other, which is one of those benchmark-type skills her therapist talks about.  She even did it for Becky this morning during her therapy session-- I think she was really surprised! 

Since Piper is starting to act like such a big girl, she really needed big girl shoes.  Check these out!  They're big, and look huge, but they stay on!!!  Thank you KSwiss for making size 0 leather shoes!  And pink, to boot!  (no pun intended)...

...can't you just sense her enthusiasm???

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