Monday, November 16, 2009

Family Heirlooms

I've always loved my parent's house because it's full of all kinds of old family stuff.  Cool things, like pie safes and safe safes and tables and a butcher block, all things that have come from generations past, and all of which have some pretty great stories (like the table that used to stand next to the bullet hole in the floor at Great Grandma's house in Kansas, or the trunk that Great Grandpa Hill took with him when he was working on the Alaskan railroad).  I was so fortunate to get to know many of my great grandparents.  I hope that having some of their relics around will allow our kids to know them a little, too!

This bowl sits on the counter at Mom and Dad's-- it was Piper's Great-Great Grandma Hill's.  I always loved Great Grandma and Great Grandpa-- they lived in Cody, WY, just outside of Yellowstone.  We'd go up every summer to see them.  Some of my favorite memories are from up there!  Great Grandma was tiny, too-- whenever I'd get upset at being so much smaller than my classmates, I was reminded that I looked like her.  It always made me feel better, because I loved her so much!  Now Piper can be inducted into the smaller-than-most club, too!  I think Grandma would be proud!



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  1. I love you guys, Aimee!

    When I took Grandma's batter bowl home, I never figured I'd have a granddaughter that would fit in it someday! How blessed I am!

    Mom :)