Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Look how much I've grown! Part 2

Okay, so I have to admit this is one of my favorites.  Piper has tiny toes.  Teeny tiny toes.  And I love them.  I can't get enough of them.  They are such cute little tiny piggies!

After Piper was born, I got to see her for a little bit in the NICU on my way from recovery to my room.  But after that, I was in my bed until the next afternoon when they finally took out my IVs.  During that time, her nurses were great, and sent pictures and stuff up with Luke when he'd go down to check on her.  They also sent her birth certificate with her footprints.  I remember looking at them and wondering how such tiny feet could cause such a ruckus when she was using my organs as soccer balls.  I'm still not sure.

Then and now.  What a difference six months can make! 


Much to my anguish...

She hasn't grown quite enough.  Those of you who know me know that I'm a shoe person.  I love shoes.  The Rack is my friend (and my husband's foe)...  My problem?

This is the size 0 shoe I bought not long before Piper came home.  I thought SURELY she'd be able to at least fake them in the relatively near future.  That was four months ago.  Even with her thickest socks, they fall off.  FALL OFF.  They don't even kind of stay on.  ...sigh...  What's a girl to do without matching shoes???  She has two pair that she can wear (thanks to Burlington Coat Factory-- the only place I've ever seen 00 shoes) that are way cute, and perfect for her dresses, but not very versatile for her more casual attire. 
Hmph.  Someone please tell me that she will eventually get shoe-sized feet (and hair, while you're at it???)


  1. Ya know, I think someone needs to look after Luke's interest in all this baby stuff! How many shoes does she have that you can't even use???

    Piper DOES have the teeniest feet, and yes, they WILL grow; you WILL get her into those newborn Keds...someday, I promise!

    Now the hair.... that is another story, grin.

  2. Testify!

    LC has over thirty (blush) pairs of shoes...

    and at 13 months is STILL fitting in to her newborn-sized kicks.