Tuesday, November 17, 2009

She has such a bubbly personality!

I got to talk to Piper's surgeon today about her gallstones.  Dr. Kay talked to her GI doctor who said that the stones may still dissolve on their own.  SO, we have an appointment to have an ultrasound at Children's in December to have a peek.  I'm fairly convinced that they're still there, but I'm really hoping that they're not.  So, I guess we'll see. 

On another note, thanks to Great Aunt Kelly, Piper has discovered bubbles!  Oh how fun they were!

She thought they were soooo pretty!

...and sooo interesting.

When the popped, they were particularly captivating.

She was not, however, amused when they popped on her tongue. 
It's so fun getting to see Piper experience things for the first time!  
...even if it is tasting nasty things...

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