Monday, November 23, 2009

Doggone Cute!

Betchya didn't know that Piper has her very own ponies.  Two, in fact.  One black, the other blond.  They may not be as big as other ponies, and are probably cheaper to keep.  After all, all princesses need a pony, right???

The rest of us know her ponies as the D-O-G's.  That's right-- we voluntarily (and purposefully) encourage the delusion that she has ponies, just for the shear pleasure of seeing how long we can convince her that she already has a pony, and therefore doesn't need one when she asks.  We'll see. 

Piper has really started to enjoy the dogs.  She talks to them, pets them, lets them kiss her...  She even feeds them their cookies, which is pretty funny to watch.  Good thing that the dogs are so gentle!

In fact, she loves them so much that she's made "doggy" her next sign!  (For those who are keeping count, she's up to THREE! words!)  We sat on the couch today, and she did "mommy", "daddy", and "doggy" over and over and over again.

I'm not, however, convinced that I approve of all the wonderful actions the dogs are teaching our precious little girl.  Open mouth kisses? 

Oh. No.  


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  1. Piper's mama wanted a pony until we sent her to 2 weeks of horse camp! She was a tiny little thing and those horses made BIG messes and were a LOT of work!

    "'nough of that!" she decided.