Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thanksgiving, Round 1

Today, Piper celebrated round one of her first Thanksgiving!  And oh the happiness that was had!

First, we ate dinner.  Piper was the entertainment.

After everyone was done eating, Piper hung out with her Grandpa at the dinner table.  She was quite content until Nana came-- oh the silliness that ensued!  Giggles and laughs and smiles all around!

While we were stuffed from all the food, and waiting for that moment when you can't stand waiting for dessert any longer to coincide with actually having ample room to put it, Piper got some good ol' quality time with everyone.

What a busy day she had!  But, boy oh boy, was it fun!  Stay tuned for round two on Thursday!


  1. You were OBVIOUSLY the life of the party! And just think...I'll bet next year, you'll weigh more than the turkey, Princess P!

    P.S. You may send those mashed potatoes to Pudge...but don't forget the gravy!!

  2. What fun we had with you, Piper! Oh, and your folks as well! Happy Thanksgiving, Cutie!

    Nana :)