Monday, November 9, 2009

Look how much I've grown! Part 1

At three days old, Piper weighed just barely over 3 pounds.  She just had surgery the day before, so she was still intubated here.  She was under the bilirubin lights for a couple days; it worked out kind of well because she was sedated to help with pain management, so she tolerated it well.  I didn't think the glue from the velcro dots would EVER come out of her hair (yes, she DID have hair back then-- in fact, if you look closely, you can see all the fuzz on her shoulder.  I miss her fuzz...)  Notice the sunglasses-- we thought she was SO stylin'!

When I was going through Piper's NICU box, I found those sunglasses.  Check this out:

Her head has gotten FOUR INCHES larger.  And check out how differently colored she is now!  She's so light now, and she was so dark pink back then!  It really shows how tiny and immature she was, and how big of a girl she's getting to be!

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