Thursday, November 12, 2009

Look how much I've grown, Part 4

Piper was born on a Monday.  The Saturday before, we had my baby shower.  Little did we know...  Mom did such a great job decorating the hall, including hanging baby clothes all over.  This is now one of my favorite pictures, just because of the pajamas that she had.  They were size preemie, and we surely wouldn't need them.  But they were so darned cute!  Maybe we could find a dolly to wear them...

Piper ended up wearing them for at least three and a half months.  They were soooo cute!  This was her at 2 weeks.  They were HUGE!

Here she is now.  You can really tell how much longer she's gotten.  But they still look wide!  ...and admittedly, we've been stretching them out along the way.

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