Saturday, November 14, 2009

Back to the Doctor's

Piper had her 6-month checkup yesterday.  I'm glad it's over!  She was due for her shots (four at 6 months), plus she needs four flu shots, two of each one.  SO, she got half of her boosters and the first of both flu shots yesterday.  Yuck.  Poor little thing.  And she was so happy until then; it broke my heart to interrupt what can only be described as her joyousness with pokes.  She FINALLY made it to 8 1/2 pounds, which is good, because I think we would have gotten in "trouble" again if she hadn't quite gotten there.  She's 21 1/2 inches long (although I'm inclined to think that's a little short-- Piper kept picking up her knees, and it was a different nurse than we're used to).  And her little head is really the only thing that's on a typical growth chart, so there's no worries with that part.  She's been pretty grumpy, with random bouts of extreme happiness, which is just plain funny.  She definitely is starting to feel better today!

...her battle scars...  The nurse in the clinic, Marsha, always has to find pink bandaids for her.

And today, the happiness returns!

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  1. On our 6 month shots LC had a bit of a delay and was Madame Grumpsalot about a week keep it in mind if Piper loses her Pep. I FORGOT about LC's little quirk and I think I ended up putting my kid on Tamiflu because she was vaccine-grumpy and teething. (blush)

    We're keeping our fingers crossed that the pounds keep packing on! LC highly recommend Cheetos Puffcorn, of course.