Saturday, November 14, 2009

Look how much I've grown! Part 5

I saved my favorite for last.  When Piper was born, we were so thankful and scared and worried and shocked and...  This was the first time I got to hold her, the day after she was born.  She was so tiny and hooked up to so many monitors that they kept her in a snuggly/sleep positioner for holding, too.  But it was so amazing!  Oddly, it didn't quite seem real until then.  I always loved the pictures of babies with Daddy's wedding rings, and I was somehow lucid enough to remember to take a picture.    

His ring was significantly larger around than her wrist, and was bigger in circumference than the palm of her hand. Almost five and a half pounds and SEVEN INCHES later:

Her arms are actually bigger around than Luke's fingers now!  And she's A LOT more feisty-- getting this picture took both of us trying to out smart her, lol...  

Every day we thank God that our little girl is here with us.  She had a rough start, and we've had several scares over the past year, but we couldn't have asked for more.  We never asked for the baby we were carrying to have Down Syndrome.  But, honestly, at this point, I can't imagine life any differently.  Who'd have thought that something so tiny could teach us and bring us so much light?  Happy half birthday, Little One!

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