Friday, November 27, 2009

Piper is oh so ap-"peal"-ing

I love letting Piper help out in the kitchen.  If she's awake, and I'm cooking, she's helping.  Sometimes it's just playing with measuring spoons and cups or spatulas and whisks, but she always seems to like being a part of it all.  Her bumbo chair and the tray make it a lot easier (and yes, I admit to putting my child on a "raised surface", exactly like the warnings tell you NOT to do...), and puts her toys (I mean tools, of course, because she's cooking, too) at her level so they're easy to play with. 

We were in charge of the turkey for my side's Thanksgiving this past weekend.  Since "raw turkey" and "infant" shouldn't be said in the same sentence, she didn't get to help with that.  But, for Luke's side on Thursday, we were in charge of twice baked potatoes.  This she could help with.

First, she got to read the recipe book.  She studied it very hard.


Next, we had to carry the potatoes up from down stairs.  She had heard of "being carried like a sack of potatoes", but she was not amused...
Then she got to help wash and dry the potatoes.  She wasn't entirely sure about sharing her seat with a potato.  She was, however, intrigued by its funny texture.

She worked so hard making her potatoes. 

So what did she do when it was time to eat her creations???

Sometimes it's so hard to be a Piper.

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