Thursday, November 5, 2009

Making Piper's eyes POP!

It's that time of year again.  I look forward to it every fall.  It used to be Christmas, but keeps getting earlier every year... 

I've been meaning to make the first batch of caramel corn for a couple weeks now.  We finally did it today!  Piper was inducted into the club, too-- she really liked to watch the corn popping.  When they started going, her eyes got really big and round.

Then we worked on her fine motor skills-- she's getting so good!  She reached out (with both hands) and took the pieces of popcorn from me.  Then she squished them.

It was apparently veeeery funny...

In case you haven't noticed, and I hate to say, that we're working on Piper's sweet tooth from very early on-- she's not even allowed to start solids until January, yet sweets happen to be a favorite "handle" to play with.  Apparently the size of sweet tooth is a hereditary thing...  Uh oh.

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