Thursday, June 10, 2010

Little Hermit Piper

First, a few disclaimers (as if that’s any surprise…):

  • Piper got herself into this backpack.  Completely on her own.  And yes, we were watching her the whole time, and no, she was not going to strangle herself.  :)
  • The dog bowl featured in this post is her bowl from her standing table.  Although we occasionally have trouble teaching the dogs that caveat.  And yes, she’s eating her snack, and not some kind of dog treat.  I promise…



Why, you ask, is my child wandering around my house pretending to be a hermit crab?

Apparently she’s decided to try and run away because she’s figured out that she’s being fed her goodies from a dog bowl.


P1050999 P1060003

So if you see a cute little girl on your doorstep, please give us a call.  And don’t pay any attention to the stories she tells you, because I’d put money on her exaggerating.  Almost.


  1. Oh Piper you come knocking on our door, we won't make you eat out of a dog bowl. LOL too cute!

  2. You can ALWAYS come to Nana's, Piper! No dog bowl for you here! You'll only find kisses, goodies and a REAL swimming pool just your size!

    Love you, Pumpkin, Nana

    BTW - I recognize that green and white striped sun suit; I bought it LAST summer for you. It is a 0-3 months from Gymboree!

  3. Oh so cute...she is just all over the place...I wish I could see all of this mischief in person.