Thursday, June 17, 2010

…with a bit of Altitude!

Sunday before we left the mountains, we wanted to hang around for a little while (because I lost my cell phone and was hoping that the lady who had called Luke’s phone, but wasn’t answering when we called her MIGHT actually pick up the phone BEFORE we left town, which never happened…), but with the extensive amount of white stuff on the ground, we couldn’t just go for a hike, find a park, or walk through town.  And we had to check out of the condo before the shops were open, so we were limited on our activities.  We decided to drive up the road a little and go to Vail.  I used to get to go to Vail for work about once a year, but Luke hasn’t been up there in eons, I’m sure.  We decided to walk down mainstreet (it was only raining up there, no snow), but we drove around forever to find a parking garage.  And we’re glad we went that far!

We ended up finding the coolest park for Piper to play on.  It would have been really fun for a little bit older kids, but they had quite a few things that were baby-friendly, too.  Could you ask for prettier scenery?P1060179

They had swings, of course…P1060185

…and funny seats to sit upon.  THIS thing was fun!  It was a little round disc attached to four ropes.  Piper sat on it, and really had to work her balance and core muscles.  She also had to concentrate.  Hard!P1060195

I thought these were significantly funnier than did Piper.  I’m not really sure of the physics behind them, but I’m pretty sure it revolved (ha…) when the balance was offset.  Piper was not too sure of her new friend, and held on for dear life…P1060203



What trip to the park would be complete without playing on giant, not-at-all-creepy granite birds?P1060214

She liked this one best- it deserved kisses.  Ew.P1060218

I was really excited to find an alpine and rock garden just up the path a little further.


I was less excited when it started raining.  And we were a good mile, if not more, away from the car.  So our photo op was cut way too short.  Just made us commit to going back up sometime this summer!


  1. Beautiful background, beautiful family...seriously could Piper BE any cuter? I think not!

  2. Love the picture of her holding on for dear life. Looks like a lot of fun!!

  3. What a great park! That picture of her desperately clinging on to that yellow bar is hilarious. Too cute!

  4. I've been missing Piper since I'm so behind in blog reading, and I love the pcitures at the park!