Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Chairwoman Piper

Piper’s PT and OT agreed that she needed a really pretty and fancy supportive high chair, so they worked to find us one that would work for her teeniness.  They really wanted something that she could rest her feet flat, and not be smothered in a giant seat.

Their solution?  The Tripp-Trapp chair by Stokke (incase anyone else is interested).  We love it (and, admittedly, it’s the chair they use for all their kiddos because it’s so cool).  We even got to pick out the baby insert (we just don’t call it “baby” in front of Piper, ‘cause, you know, she’s not a baby anymore…) and the cloth cover.  The cool thing about this chair is that both the seat and the foot rest move up and down so that the kids can use it forever, until they’re an adult.  And always have the right foot rest and support for eating. 


Amy, our PT, came and adjusted it up so that she’s nice and snug.  She’s got a lot of wiggle room in the seat still, so there was a lot of adjusting in the straps to make sure she’s good and tight. 

Our only problem is that the chair doesn’t come with a tray, as it’s meant to be used on the table (which I think is really cool).  The issue is that we have a countertop-height table, and the chair is standard height.  SO, my dad and Luke have the task of creating a platform onto which the chair can be put, safely, without sliding/slipping off, before we can really use it.  She does get her breakfast in it, though, because it’s the only meal of the day she’s not feeding herself. 

Piper wishes that we just buy a new table.  She had no idea the fun that was involved in feeding the dogs (not that the excitement is evident in the following picture).  The dogs wholeheartedly agree. 



  1. That is one fancy and pretty chair Piper girl! She is feeding herself 2 meals a day? WOW I am super impressed.

  2. Oh that looks really neat. We might have to look into one of those once Beau starts eating.

  3. I have always wanted one of those chairs, they are so neat. We went through the same thing while doing Adam's feeding therapy.

  4. I'm glad you found a seat that works for Piper. We have the Svan which is similar, but it does come with a tray which was really important to us. The Svan's straps aren't as good though since they are only around the lap so I do wish it had the 5 point harness. It's great to be able to adjust the seat to her size because Sweet Pea always was swimming in all the regular high chairs.

  5. Way cool - and I love the pattern!

  6. We justed ordered one today. We were realizing that our high chairs were counterproductive to all the bent knee work we were doing since in the chairsvwe have she cannot bend her knees. The chair is pricey, but she will be using it for many many years.

  7. I looked at these chairs last week and they are pretty neat, but spendy!