Thursday, June 24, 2010

Exhibiting her skills

P1060362Piper and Cadence, our date for the museum

So our Children’s Museum has, essentially, the whole first floor devoted to infants and toddlers.  It has sections for each developmental level- from newborn to exploring toddlers.  It was so so so much fun! 

To make it even better, everyone (including all parents, surprise surprise) is required to take off their own shoes and socks and put on little hospital-like socks (although I knew there was no conceivable way for those socks to stay on Piper’s feet, so I just put them over her sandals, which worked out well).  It was SO nice because you didn’t mind your kids crawling and scooching on the floor this way!  AND we even saw the workers replacing all the stuffed toys that were washed the night before.  This is my kind of activity center.

This is the crawling section of the place.  It had tunnels to crawl through:P1060367

…and bumpy bridges to crawl over (Piper did spectacular with this!  A lot better than I anticipated!  It’s a lot of work when your belly drags…):P1060370

Although, Piper did think that Cadence’s mode of transportation looked much more efficient; she just couldn’t quite figure out how to do it.P1060373

This little bridge had pressure sensors, so anytime you walked over it, it laughed at you.  Piper thought it was very funny, and just sat on it for a good period of time. P1060394

Then we went over to the little village.  It had a garden with vegetables that you could pull, so Piper practiced her in-and-out skills.   P1060387

I think the best part of the entire exhibit, though, was the abundance of puppets.  We have apparently been neglecting Piper of the fun-ness of these wonders.  She was mesmerized.  And very much in love with the little lamb when it kissed her cheek.  Seriously.   P1060399




When we had explored our way out of the little kid area, we went upstairs to find what else there was to do.  The only other place that was little-kid friendly was the train room.  Piper liked to make the trains go on the track a lot more than she liked to wear the hat.  The only way I could get the hat on her was to distract her with a train.  It worked.  For a minute.    P1060416


The pretend school was fun, but too big for Piper to do much (literally, she was too short to see much of anything, lol).  P1060426

About this time, Piper, who refused her morning nap, was beginning to get tired.  We played in the foam shape room for a few minutes, but it didn’t last too long.P1060441

This, my friends, is the nose-dive that ended our day.  After this, there was too much sadness in the world to continue the day. P1060442

…and after 2.3 seconds in the car, this was my child.  Glorious.  Simply gloriousP1060444

So, if anyone wants a playdate-mate at the museum, make sure to let us know!  And if you’re planning on going, I highly recommend the 9-11 am period- after that it got busy, and most of the kids moved a lot faster than Piper, so once more kids came around, she didn’t get to utilize it all as much. 


  1. Wow that is an awesome kids museum. She looks like she was having a great time all until the dreaded face plant. Well, we know all about those here at our house...
    We would love to come with you...ok maybe we will have to plan a vacation out your way sometime and come, I think it is a little long for us to get there by 9am =) !

  2. WE WILL GO ANYTIME!! And afterward we can get Little Man Ice Cream :)

  3. So fun. We have something similar here and before Max came along we had season passes and went all the time. I've been too germ-a-phobic to renew our pass (my Piper use to get sick a lot during the winter after mouthing their toys). But after your cute pictures I'm thinking maybe I just found his motivation to crawl and explore a little more!

  4. I'd love to take Claire, but she might get a little more out of it when she is sitting or moving a bit more.