Saturday, June 5, 2010

Outwitted by my 12 1/2 pound kid


That’s right.


After Piper’s appointment at Children’s last week, we went to lunch.  Piper likes going to lunch; rarely does she get to eat what we’re eating (and bygolly, she knows, and it’s beginning to tick. her. off.), but I think she gets a kick out of eating someplace different.

And of course there’s the ooohs and aws from passers by that result from her undeniable cuteness sitting in a big kid seat.P1050972

This day, though, Piper had enough with little pieces of food, thankyouverymuch.  I usually don’t break up all of her food at once, and I’ll set the rest on the corner of her mat. 

She was looking at what was in front of her, trying to decide what she was going to eat next (this, by the way, is really funny- she puts her open hand over her food and moves it back and forth like she’s waiting for a sign from the baby food god as to what her next choice should be…), when she looked up and saw the BIG pieces. P1050971

Without a blink, she bypassed the little pieces, stretched clear up, picked up a big piece, put it in her mouth, chewed off a corner, chewed, and swallowed.  P1050960

I was a little amazed.  She does really well with chewing and mashing her food, but I’ve never let her have a chance to chew off a piece from a bigger piece.  I thought I’d let her try, and then influence her (HA!) back to her pre-sized pieces.

I couldn’t get the tortilla out of her hand.  Period.  She would have none of it.  She knew that there was no reason for her to not get to eat it herself, and she was not going to relinquish that control.

Was she proud of herself for getting her way?

Yup.  I’d say so.

Was she excited?  I dunno- what do you think?P1050964

 Those action lines on her hands?  Sometimes I swear I can actually see them…


  1. Yep, I would guess by the super fast hands that means excited. So cute. That little pint is going to give you a run for your money!

  2. The girl knows what she wants : ) Very very cute!

  3. I need one of those booster seats!