Thursday, June 3, 2010

Here a belly, There a belly, EVERYWHERE a belly!

Piper’s been showing us our noses, eyes, and mouths for several months now.

She even shows us the same on her baby doll, and the dogs.

She learned nose first- but I have to admit, she has a large…  target?…  with our familial traits…  And really, mouths aren’t much better (ahem…)

Problem is that she won’t show us her body parts.  Since she’s still pretty early to be identifying, we haven’t pushed at all.  She will show us her feet when she’s laying on the ground, but she doesn’t point to them, she just raises them up to show you. 

So imagine my surprise when she learned belly in the bathtub the other night.

It was pretty funny- she looked down and seemed to all the sudden realize she had a big round thing on her front.  Admittedly she had just eaten dinner, so it was larger than she’s used to, but she was mesmerized



While we were sitting on the ground with her, we showed her Daddy’s feet (I’ll not post pictures to spare you the hairy-toe shots, lol…), Mommy’s feet, and the doggies feet.  Then she showed us hers!


I feel like we’ve crossed a hurdle in her understanding that she has the same parts that we do.  Her therapist said that they just like to see them know about three body parts by the time they’re 15 months old- it doesn’t matter if they show on a doll, another person, or themselves.  One more thing we can mark off the list!

She was (surprise, I know) so proud of herself!  …and so were we!


  1. Dang, I better start pointing out body parts to Max - he'll be 15 months in 4 weeks!

  2. Awesome job Piper! So cute when they find their own belly button!

  3. That picture of her inspecting her belly is awesome!