Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Little Culture

That’s why you go to museums, right?  For culture?

So I’m giving us credit for our fine arts quota for the month for our trip on Monday.  I’m just not sure that the Children’s Museum counts as a fine art, but we’ll just ignore the “children’s” part.

We had  a lot of fun.  Although I will admit that I was most excited about seeing the bubble exhibit.  We even learned the signs for bubble and pop (although I ended making one up for pop because I couldn’t find a good one in any of the online dictionaries).  I was disappointed in that exhibit- there wasn’t anything for the little kids.  So, we pretty much kept downstairs in the infant/toddler zone, and had fun anyway.

Before we went in, we were waiting for our friend Cadence to join us.  So Piper played in the park outside.  She was really tired (a great day to choose to go to the museum, I know), so I couldn’t get a smile out of her for anything.   P1060337

She wouldn’t smile for the car…P1060339

P1060342 P1060343

The slide only warranted a pattycake…P1060349

The pirate ship got a kiss, but still no smile…P1060351

…and, I do believe her look here was “what the heck is up with dumb Colorado parks and rock things”.  At least they weren’t rock birds this time, just rock chairs.  And no, she wasn’t particularly amused.

More pictures to come.  You know, from the inside of the museum.


  1. Oh even without smiles she is adorable!

  2. Piper looks like she had a Great TIME!! I did not know the childrens museam had outdoor things!! must stop by when we are in Denver..smiles

  3. I LOVED the Children's museum when we were little. We went all the time!