Monday, June 21, 2010

Water Bug

Now that summer is in full swing, which we celebrate with the lovely (sense the sarcasm???) 90 degree days, Piper has gotten to start enjoying the various water features and pools around town.

We got to go swimming last week with Alison and her little guys.  Piper L-O-V-E-D it.  She had so much fun splashing, whirling, and twirling in the water.  The best part of the whole day, though, was eating a picnic lunch (insert rolling eyes here).



She also got to explore the little fountains at the shopping center.  They have big fountains (you know the kind that spontaneously shoot up from the ground?), but it outsmarted (oops- did I say that???) her and Nana, so we ventured to the less unpredictable types.  




Piper kept getting closer and closer to the water.  She really liked it.  Until she got so close, the whole top of her head got soaked.

Whoops.  So much for Adult Supervision Required.


  1. Yeah for water bugs! We love the water too.

  2. We love water features too! Maybe next summer you'll find her running to them all on her own.