Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Weekend Trip

We were very excited for last weekend.  For a long time, I was excited. 

We finally got to take Piper up to the mountains.  We got brave last fall and took her to Estes Park, because it’s in the mountains but the elevation is pretty low (only about 7500 feet).  But I was worried the whole time about her oxygenating, and we didn’t get to stay but a couple hours.

This year, though…  This year we got to go really to the mountains.  I’m definitely not brave enough to go camping with her, so we took a cheater way and stayed in a condo instead. 

And we had so much fun!  Justin and Rachel (my brother and sister-in-law) went with us.  We stayed in Keystone (for you non-Colorado folks, up in ski country, just on the other side of the Continental Divide, and down the hill from Loveland Pass, the highest mountain pass in the world that stays open during winter) just off the ski slopes.  Piper approved of the view from the living room. 



We had grandiose plans for our trip.  Maybe taking the ski lifts up to Peak 8 in Breckenridge and play some of their summertime attractions.  The boys were considering taking bikes up one of the summits and riding them down.  Or maybe rafting.  Or maybe riding from Vail back down to Breck.  Rachel and I were going to spend some girlie time together with Piper.  Outlet shopping was a must (obviously).  We were going to find some parks for Piper to play in, and I wanted to drive up to Loveland Pass and let Piper experience the snow up there.  Walking around Dillon Dam and looking at the boats was an obvious option for something to do.  Ooo, and I would have liked to go for a hike.

We were excited to get up, too, because it’d been over 90 in Denver for a while before.  HOT.  And at 9000 feet, the weather is remarkably cooler.  I couldn’t wait.

Apparently I wished a little too hard…

It rained.  The whole time.  Every day.  Rain. 

Until Sunday.

When it snowed.  Inches.  It snowed.

P1060177 P1060178 P1060175 P1060176 

No doubt about it, it was gorgeous.  Just cold as all get out.  And put a slight damper on our plans.  But we managed.  Stay tuned for pictures of our incredibly wet, awfully cold, but just plain fun, weekend!


  1. Love the pic of her enjoying the view, so cute. The snow pics could be Christmas cards, very beautiful but, not really what you had planned. Glad it was fun anyway!

  2. Oh how I miss Colorado (did you know I lived in Denver for a few years after college?).

  3. I'm sorry your weekend wasn't what you hoped for!