Saturday, June 19, 2010

Piper’s new favorite past-time

…or why I’m gonna have to mop my floor more often.

 P1060272 P1060307P1060283 P1060289 P1060291 P1060298 

I’m all for her playing with her shadows.

But licking and blowing raspberries on the floor? 

I have to mop once to make it okay, and once to get rid of the baby spit.

Maybe we should invest in Bona cleaner…


  1. The last one you can really see that tongue cleaning up!!

  2. Throw out some mop & glo in front of her and tie a cloth to her belly I am sure between that and that cute little tongue the floor will be clean in no time. =)
    Send her over to do ours when she finishes would ya?

  3. I so do not keep my house clean enough for this...I'm going to have to work on doing better before Claire gets mobile!